Thursday, August 10, 2006

Immersion Opening Plenary

Following is a summary of the first session at Immersion '06. My notes from other Immersion events will be following soon.

Opening Plenary June 29, 2006

Faculty Lead: Craig Gibson
After all the faculty introduced themselves, the program begin with discussion on the definition of information literacy that included the “7 Ages of Instruction,” a jig-saw reading activity on 5 articles that defined information literacy and Christine Bruce’s “Seven Faces of Information Literacy in Higher Education.”
For the next part of this session, we watched “The Deep Dive,” a fun Nightline clip about an innovative design company called IDEO. IDEO immerses itself into a design problem and uses play to foster innovation. Their five brainstorming rules are:

  • “Defer judgment”
  • “Encourage wild ideas”
  • “Build on the ideas of others”
  • “Stay focused on topic”
  • “One conversation at a time”
  • “Be visual”
  • “Go for quantity”

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Isabel Espinal said...

Hi Amy!

Just saw your post on the info lit list (about wikipedia).

Just wanted to say that this blog is a greet idea!

And it was great to meet you in Immersion '06.

-Isabel Espinal