Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Assessment of Information Literacy Programs

From Immersion '06, July 31, 2006

Faculty Lead: Debra Gilchrist

For assessing a program, as opposed to student learning, Deb reframed the 5 questions from her “Assessment-as-Learning” sessions.

  1. “What do you want the instruction program to be able to do? What does it do when it meets student needs and/or supports student learning?” (Outcome)
  2. “What factors does the program demonstrate or exhibit if they are meeting the outcomes? What will be happening?" (Indicators)
  3. “How will you gather your data or evidence?” (Assessment)
  4. “How will you determine if you have achieved your outcomes?” (Criteria)
  5. “How will the discussion or evaluation of the data occur? Who will be involved?” (Change)

It is important that the assessment leads into a cycle of continual improvement. Deb’s cycle of Outcomes/Indicators/Assessment/Criteria/Change reminded me of the Plan/Do/Check/Act cycle used in my organization. Deb recommends using ACRL’s “Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices” when establishing program outcomes.

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