Friday, March 30, 2007

PowerPoint Extreme Makeover

I recently watched an online video by Dean Shareski about making PowerPoint shows for presentations. I learned about it in a posting by Steven Bell on the ACRLog. Shareski provides a lot of good advice for those of us that use PowerPoint shows as a teaching aid. I found his advice on images the most helpful.

Use only high-quality images (photos), NOT clipart. Good teaching often brings storytelling into play. Select images that appeal to emotions. Anybody that has studied adult learning theory and student motivation knows that engaging student’s emotions can be a powerful motivator. Many of Shareski’s examples from PowerPoint makeovers illustrate this.

He supplies some places to find high-quality images, like Flickr and Google Images. But most of the images found this way would require permission to use. I need images that can be used semester after semester and posted to the web. On my page, I listed some sources I use to find open source images:

Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding open source images of college students and research. I’d particularly like to find pictures of college age people working at a computer, some looking frustrated and some looking happy. At least, I want images that convey research can be very frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing, but we will learn how to make it rewarding, maybe even fun. Please post a comment if you have images that I can use or know where I can find some. Thanks!