Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Latest Project

I’m Back! It has been almost a year since my last post. I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth, but have been consumed by my latest project, creating life. My little girl was born March 26. I’m still adjusting to life as a working mother, but I plan to continue the blog. I doubt I’ll post as often as I did before my hiatus, but I will try to post regularly.

For you other/potential Parent Librarians, here are a few resources I have found helpful.

ACRL Balancing Baby and Book Discussion Group:
I attended the group’s first meeting at Midwinter, but I missed the Annual meeting. The Listserv has been quiet so far, but it is pretty new, so hopefully it will grow.

A quiet Yahoo Group, but has occasional discussions.

Pregnancy and Parenting Search Engine:
Search some of my favorite pregnancy, parenting and baby sites.

Various bookmarks: and

If you know of additional resources, please post a comment!


Patty, host said...

Hi Amy,

Just came across your blog in my alerts and wanted to Congratulate you on your new baby! I took a year off from most of my online ventures last year when I was pregnant with our second son. It is getting a little easier now that he is 15 mos, but there are still days it is a challenge to keep up with the blog and my sites, etc. I hope you'll stop by my blog, sites and take a mamastimeout with us ☺

nerinossa said...

My little girl was born March 26